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Airport in Chinese - Feijichang

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Airport Feijichang (Fay-jee-chahng) 飞机场

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  Airport Feijichang (Fay-jee-chahng) 飞机场

Airport shuttle bus

Jichang jie songche (jee-chahng jee-eh sohng-cher) 机场接送车


Feiji (fay-jee) 飞机


Hangkong kongsi (hahng-kohng gohng-suh) 航空公司

Hotel shuttle bus

Luguan jie songche (lwee-gwahn jee-eh sohng-cher) 旅馆接送车

Flight number

Hangban haoma (hahng-bahn how-mah) 航班号码


Yuding (yuu-deeng) 预定


Piao (pee-ow) 票


Toudeng-cang (toe-derng tsahng) 头等舱

First-class ticket

Toudeng piao (toe-derng pee-ow) 头等票

Economy class

Jingji cang (jeeng-jee tsahng) 经济舱

Economy class ticket

Putong piao (poo-tohng pee-ow) 普通票


Queren (chwee-uh-wren) 确认

Connecting flight

Xianjie hangban (shee-an jee-eh hahng-bahn) 线街航班

Boarding card

Dengji ka (derng-jee kah) 登机卡

carry-on baggage

Shouti bao (show-tee bow) 手提包

Aisle seat

Kaozou dao zuowei (kow zow-dow zwoh-way) 靠走道坐位

Window seat

Kaochuang zuowei (kow-chwahng zwoh-way) 靠窗坐位


Huzhao (hoo-jow) 护照

Please help me with my luggage
Qing ni bang wo ban xingli (Cheeng nee bahng woh bahn sheeng-lee) 请你帮我搬行李

Where do I wait for the hotel shuttle bus?
Zai nail deng lugan de bashi (Dzigh nah-lee derng lwee-gwahn der bah-shr) 在那里等旅馆的巴士?

Is this the line for the shuttle bus?
Zai zheli paidui deng luguan baishi ma? (Dzigh jur-lee pah-dway derng lwee-gwahn ba-shr mah) 在这里排队等旅馆巴士吗?

Where can I get a taxi?

Nali you chuzu qiche? (nah-lee you choo-joo chee-cher)哪里有出租汽车?


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