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Bar in Chinese - Jiuba

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Bar Jiuba (Jew-bah) 酒吧

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  Bar Jiuba (Jew-bah) 酒吧


Pijiu (pee-jew)


Draft beer

Sanzhuan pijiu (sahn-jwahn pee-jew)


Black beer

Hei pijiu (hay pee-jew)



Putao jiu (poo-tao-jew)


Red wine

Hong putao jiu (hohng poo-tao-jew)


White wine

Bai putao jiu (by poo-tao-jew)



Matini (mah-tee-nee)


Whisky with soda

Weishiji jia suda (way-shr-jee jah soo-dah)


Whisky with water

Weishiji jia shui (way-shr-jee jah shway)


Let’s go get a drink
Wo men qu he jiu (woh mern chwee huh jew) 我们去喝酒

A glass of red wine
Yi bei hong putao jiu (ee bay hohng poo-tao-jew) 一杯红葡萄酒

Two glasses of white wine
Liang bei bai putao jiu (lee-ahng bay by poo-tao-jew) 两杯白葡萄酒

A bottle of beer, please
Qing lai yi ping pijiu (Cheeng lie ee peeng pee-jew) 请来一瓶啤酒

Two bottles of beer, please
Qing lai liang ping pijiu (Cheeng lie lee-ahng peeng pee-jew) 请来两瓶啤酒

A glass of beer, please
Qing lai yi bei pijiu (Cheeng lie ee bay pee-jew) 请来一杯啤酒

Draft beer, please
Qing lai yibei sanzhuan pijiu (Cheeng lie ee-bay sahn-jwahn pee-jew) 请来一杯山川啤酒

Two maotai, please
Qing lai liang bei maotai (Cheeng lie lee-ahng bay mao-tie) 请来两杯茅台

The bill, please
Qing jiezhang (Cheeng jee-eh-jahng) 清结账

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