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Bus in Chinese - Qiche

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Bus Qiche (chee-cher) 汽车

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  Bus Qiche (chee-cher) 汽车

Central bus station

Qiche zhong zhan (chee-cher zohng jahn) 汽车终站

Bus station

Gonggongqiche zhan (gohng-gohng-chee-cher jahn)公共汽车站

Bus stop

Qiche zhan (chee-cher jahn) 汽车站

Is there a bus stop near here?
Zhe fujin you qiche zhan ma? (Jr foo-jeen yow chee-cher jahn mah) 这附近有汽车站吗?

Where is the bus station?
Gonggong qiche zhan zai nail? (gohng-gohng chee-cher jahn dzigh nah-lee) 公共汽车站在那里?

How do I get to the bus station?
Dao qiche zhan zenme zou? (dow chee-cher jahn zern-mah dzow) 到汽车站怎么走?

Which bus do I take to get to Tiananmen Square?
Dao Tiananmen zuo ji lu che? (dow Tee-an-ahn-mern zwoh jee loo cher) 到天安门坐几路车?

Is it necessary to change buses?
Yao huan che ma? (yow hwahn cher mah) 要换车吗?

How much is the fare?
Piaojia duoshao? (Pee-ow jah dwoh-shou) 票价多少?

Do you have a map of the city?
Nimen you meiyou shi ditu? (Nee-mern you may-you shr dee-too) 你们有没有市地图?

Do you have a brochure about the city?
Nimen you meiyou ben shi jieshao shu? (Nee-mern you may-you bern shr jee-eh shaow shoo) 你们有没有本市介绍书?

Do you have a bus timetable, please?
Qing gei wo yige gonggong qiche shikebiao (Cheeng gay woh ee-guh gohng gohng chee-cher shr-ker beow) 请给我一个公共汽车时刻表

Please take me to the bus station
Qing dai wo dao gonggong qiche zhan (Cheeng die woh dow gohng-gohng chee-cher jahn) 请带我到公共汽车站

Where does the bus for downtown leave from?
Qu chengli de gonggong qiche cong nar kai (Chwee cherng-lee der gohng-gohng chee-cher tsohng narr kigh) 去城里的公共汽车从哪开?


Where does the bus from airport leave from?
Qu jichang de gonggong qiche cong nar kai? (Chwee jee-chahng der gohng-gohng chee-cher tsohng narr kigh) 去机场的公共汽车从哪开?

Is this the bus for the airport?
Zhe shi bu shi qu jichang de gonggong qiche? (Jay shr boo shr chwee jee-chahng der gohng-gohng chee-cher) 这是不是去机场的公共汽车?

How much is it to the airport?
Feijichang duoshao qian? (Fay-jee-chahng dwoh-shou chee-an) 飞机场多少钱?

What time is the bus leaving?
Gonggong qiche jidian likai? (Gohng-gohng chee-cher jee-dee-an lee-kigh) 公共汽车几点离开?

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