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Contacting a Teacher

When?  After you find a teacher/conversation partner whom you are interested in.

Why?  You will need to contact a teacher/conversation partner to take lessons from them.  Exchanging a few messages will get both of you to know each other and feel comfortable before you take your first lesson.

For more information about searching for a teacher, see the Searching for Teachers guide.

To contact a teacher using the Ping Me button,

1. Click the Ping Me button next to the teacher you would like to contact.

A new email box opens with a pre-written message.

2. Edit the pre-written message if you would like.  For example, you could add questions about the teacher’s teaching style, educational background or anything else you would like to learn about the teacher.

3. Once you have edited the message to suit your needs, click the Send button.  The message sends to the teacher.

4. Click Send.  A web page displays a web version of your email.

5. Return to the page and click the Close link to close the message.

6. The sent message is now available in the Sent Mail area of My Mailbox.  Click Sent Mail in the My Mailbox section of the Navigation Pane to view the message you just sent, and any others.  The columns in the My Mailbox [Sent] screen are described below.

To:  The To column lists the person the message was addressed to.

Subject:  The Subject column lists the subject of the message.

Sent:  The Sent column displays the date and time the message was sent.

Read:  The Read column displays the date and time the message was read.

  • To read a message, click the text in the To or Subject field.
  • To delete a message, check the checkbox next to the message to select it and click the Delete button.
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