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Drink in Chinese - He

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Drink He (Huh) 喝

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  Drink He (Huh) 喝


Kafei (kah-fay)



Niunai (new-nigh)



Cha (chah)


Shui (shway)

Mineral Water

Kuangquan shui (kwahng-chwahn shway)



Bing (beeng)

I’m thirsty
Wo ke-le (woh ker-ler) 我渴了

What do you want to drink?
Ni xiang he shenme? (Nee she-ahng her shern-mo) 你想喝什么?

I’ll have coffee, please
Qing lai kafei (Cheeng lie kah-fay) 请来咖啡

I’ll have black coffee, please
Qing lai hei kafei (Cheeng lie hay kah-fay) 请来黑咖啡

More coffee, please
Qing duo lai kafei (Cheeng dwoh lie kah-fay) 请多来咖啡

I’ll have green tea, please
Qing lai bei lucha (Cheeng lie bay lwee-chah) 请来杯绿茶

Tea with milk, please
Qing lai yibei hongcha jia niunai (Cheeng lie ee-bay hohng-chah jah new-nigh)

I’ll have a tea with lemon, please
Qing lai yibei ningmeng cha (Cheeng lie ee-bay neen-merng chah) 请来一杯柠檬茶

More tea, please
Qing duo lai cha (Cheeng dwoh lie chah) 请多来茶

A glass of milk, please
Qing lai yibei niunai (Cheeng lie ee-bay new-nigh) 请来一杯牛奶

Mineral water, please
Qing lai yibei kwangquan shui (Cheeng lie ee-bay kwahng-chwahn shway) 请来一杯矿泉水

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