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Eat in Chinese - Chi

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Eat Chi (Chr) 吃

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  Eat Chi (Chr) 吃


Fan (fahn)


Can (tsahn)

Chinese food

Zhong can (Johng tsahn)


Western food

Xi can (she tsahn)



Fanguan (fahn-gwahn)



Canguan (tsahn-gwahn)


Hotel restaurant

Fan dian (fahn dee-an)


Dining room

Can ting (tsahn teeng)


Coffee shop

Kafei ting (kah-fay teeng)


American-style breakfast

Meiguo zaofan (may-gwoh zow-fahn)



Caidan (tsigh-dahn)


Rice (cooked)

Mifan (me-fahn)


I’m hungry
Wo ele (woh uh-ler) 我饿了

What do you want to eat?
Ni xiang chi senme? (nee she-ahng chr shern-mo) 你想吃什么?

Where shall we go to eat?
Wo men qu nali chi? (woh mern chwee nah-lee chr) 我们去那里吃?


What time do we eat?
Wo men shenme shi jian chifan (woh mern shern-mo shr jee-an chr-fahn)

Let’s go eat
Rang wo men qu chifan (rahng woh mern chwee chr-fahn) 让我们去吃饭

I like Chinese food
Wo xihuan Zhong can (woh she-hwahn Johng tsahn) 我喜欢中餐

A table for two, please
Liang wei (lee-ahng way) 两位

A menu (or menus), please
Qing na caidan (Cheeng nah tsigh dahn) 请拿菜单

What is that?
Na shi shenme? (nah shr shern-mo) 那是什么?

I want that
Wo yao nage (woh yee-ow nah-guh) 我要那个

Please give me____
Qing gei wo___ (Cheeng gay woh____) 请给我_____

Please bring me____
Qing song ____ lai (Cheeng sohng ___ lie) 请送_____来

I would like ______
Wo xiang yao ______ (woh she-ahng yee-ow_____) 我想要______

More butter, please
Qing duo lai huangyou (Cheeng dwoh lie hwahng-you) 请多来黄油

Just a little, please
Jiu yidian dian (jew ee-dee-an urr dee-an urr) 就一点点

Is that enough?
Na xie gou-le ma? (nay shay go-ler mah) 那些够了吗?

Please give me a little more
Qing gei wo duo yidian (cheeng gay woh dwoh ee-dee-an) 请给我多一点

That’s enough!
Na xie gou-le! (nay shay go-ler) 那些够了!

That’s too much!
Na xie tai duo-le! (nay shay tie dwoh-ler) 那些太多了!

I can’t eat all this
Wo bun eng chi wan suo you-de! (woh boo nerng chr wahn swoh you-der) 我不能吃完所有的!

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