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Family in Chinese - Jiaren

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Family Jiaren (Jah-wren) 家人

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  Family Jiaren (Jah-wren) 家人


Zhangfu (jahng-foo) 丈夫


Furen (foo-wren) 夫人


Qizi (chee-dzu) 妻子


Haizi (high-dzu) 孩子


Nuer (nwee urr) 女儿


Erzi (urr-dzu) 儿子

Do you have children?
You haizi ma? (you high-dzu mah) 有孩子吗?

I have two daughters
You liang-ge nuer (you lee-ahng-guh nwee-urr) 有两个女儿

Are you married?
Jiehunle ma? (Jay hoon-ler mah) 结婚了吗?

I’m married
Jiehunle (Jay hoon-ler) 结婚了

I’m single
Mei jiehun (May jay-hoon) 没结婚

This is my wife
Zhewei shi wo qizi (Jur-way shr woh chee-dzu) 这位是我妻子

This is my husband
Zhewei shi wo zhangfu (Jur-way shr who jahng-foo) 这位是我丈夫


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