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Hotel in Chinese - Luguan

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Hotel Luguan (Lwee-gwahn) 旅馆   Fandian (Fahn-dee-an) 饭店

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   Hotel Luguan (Lwee-gwahn) 旅馆
             Fandian (Fahn-dee-an) 饭店


Yuding (yuu-deeng) 预定

Reservations desk

Yuding chu (yuu-deeng choo) 预定处

Hotel concierge

Jiedaiyuan (jeh-die-ywahn) 接待员

Service fee

Fuwu fei (foo-woo fay) 服务费

I have a reservation
Wo yijing yuding le fangjian (woh ee-jeeng yuu-ding ler fahng-jee-an) 我已经预定了房间

I will be staying for two nights
Wo yao zhu liang tian (woh yow joo lee-ahng tee-an) 我要住两天

I don’t have a reservation
Wo mei you yuding (woh may you yuu-deeng) 我没有预定

Do you have a/any vacancies?
You kong fangjian ma? (You kohng fahng-jee-an mah) 有空房间吗?

I would like it for two nights
Wo xiangyao zhu liang ye (woh shee-ahng-yow joo lee-ahng yeh) 我想要住两夜

I would like a roon with a view
Wo yao hao fengjing (woh yee-aw how ferng jeeng) 我要好风景

How much is the room rate?
Fang fei duoshao qian (Fahng fay dwoh-shou chee-an) 房费多少钱?

What time is breakfast?
Jidian chi zaofan (jee-dee-an chr zow-fahn) 几点吃早饭?

Do you have English language newspapers?
Nimen zhe you mei you Yingwen baozhi? (nee-mern jr you may you Eeng-wern bow-jr) 你们这有没有英文报纸

Where can I buy an English newspaper?
Dao nar qu mai Yingwen baozhi? (dow nar-chwee my Eeng-wern baow-jr) 到哪去买英文报纸?

Where can I get a map?
Nar you ditu? (nah-urr you dee-too) 那有地图?

Where can I buy an umbrella?
Dao nar qu mai yusan? (dow na-urr chwee my yuu-sahn) 到哪去买雨伞?

I’ve lost my key
Wo diu le wo de yaoshi (woh deo ler woh der yow-shr) 我丢了我的钥匙

What time is check out?
Shenme shijian tuifang? (Shern-mo shr-jee-an tway-fahng) 什么时间退房?

Is there a service fee?
You fuwu fei ma? (you fuu-wuu fay mah) 有服务费吗?

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