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Internet / Email Yingtewang (Eeng-ter-wahng) 应特网 Dianzi Youjian (Dee-an-dzu you jee-an) 电子邮件

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  Internet / Email Yingtewang (Eeng-ter-wahng) 应特网 Dianzi Youjian (Dee-an-dzu you jee-an) 电子邮件

I would like to check my email
Wo xiang cha wo-de dianzi youjian
(woh she-ahng chah woh-der dee-an-dzu you jee-an) 我想查我的电子邮件

Where can I go to get on the internet?
Dao nali qu shang Yingtewang
(dow nah-lee chwee shahng Eeng-ter-wahng) 到哪里去上应特网

Is there an internet café?
You Yingtewang kafei dian? (you Eeng-ter-wahng kah-fay dee-an)

I want to search the internet
Wo xiang cha Yingtewang (woh she-ahng chah Eeng-ter-wahng)

How much is it per hour?
Yi-ge xiaoshi duoshao qian? (Ee-guh shiaow-shr dwoh-shou chee-an)

What is your email address?
Ni-de dianzi youjian xinxiang shishenme? (nee-der dee-an-dzu you-jee-an sheen-she-ahng shr-shern-mo)

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Sue Wright (N. Orleans, US)

Learning Chinese language online was surprisingly efficient! I am still a beginner but what I learnt made my trip to China so much more enjoyable...

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It is so good to have a real language teacher on the other side of the webcam; I tried all these free interactive programs but you really need someone to

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I can practice my English with my conversation partner here. I still take my English class in Japan, but I get extra hours on Lingworld and much cheaper.