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Introductions in Chinese - Jieshao

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Introductions Jieshao (Jeh-shou) 介绍

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  Introductions Jieshao (Jeh-shou) 介绍

May I introduce myself?
Wo keyi jieshao woziji ma? (Who ker-ee jeh-shuo woh-dzu-jee mah) 我可以介绍我自己吗?

My name is ____
Wo-de mingzi shi ____ (Woh-der meeng dzu-shr _____) 我的名字是_______

This is my name card
Zhe shi wo-de ming pian (Juh shr woh-der meeng pee-an) 这是我的名片

What is your name?
Ni jiao shenme mingzi? (Nee jow shern-mo meeng-dzu) 你叫什么名字?


I’m pleased to meet you
Jiuyang (Joe-yahng) 久仰

Do you have a name card?
Ni you ming pian ma? (Nee you meeng pee-an mah) 你有名片吗?

This is my wife

Zhe shi wo-de furen (Juh shr woh-der foo-wren) 这是我的夫人
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