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Learning english Online

Learning english online has become easy.

With LingWorld you can now start learning English through face to face interaction with a personal, native speaking, English teacher, wherever you are!
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Learning English language online is flexible, effective & fun allowing you to have your classes from the comfort of your home, during your office lunch break, or from your hotel room when you are on a business trip.

You can find your English teachers according to their academic background, teaching qualifications, feedback from their other students, availability, and many other criteria.

The secret of learning any new language is to practice and speak it. This can only be achieved by one to one lessons, as opposed to group language class where you hardly have a chance to speak.

Learning English online with LingWorld will be an easy and comfortable way to gain confidence, learn new vocabulary & become fluent by speaking English in an interactive environment with a English language teacher who will be devote all his/her attention to you.

Learning to speak English online with a personal English teacher will give you all the support and motivation you need to study this new and promising language.
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New Students & Teachers

Linda See
French Student

欣(Xin) 李(Li)
Chinese (Mandarin) Teacher

Oliver Haack
Chinese (Mandarin) Student

Erica Rodriguez
Spanish Teacher

吴 楚玲
Chinese (Mandarin) Teacher


Sue Wright (N. Orleans, US)

Learning Chinese language online was surprisingly efficient! I am still a beginner but what I learnt made my trip to China so much more enjoyable...

Brian Scott (Boulder, US)

It is so good to have a real language teacher on the other side of the webcam; I tried all these free interactive programs but you really need someone to

Misuki Asano (Osaka, Japan)

I can practice my English with my conversation partner here. I still take my English class in Japan, but I get extra hours on Lingworld and much cheaper.