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Mistake Cuowu (tswoh-woo) 错误 / Cuoshi (tswoh-shr) 错事

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  Mistake Cuowu (tswoh-woo) 错误 / Cuoshi (tswoh-shr) 错事

Excuse me, I think I make a mistake
Duibuqi, wo zuo-le yijian cuoshi (dway-boo-chee, woh zwoh-ler ee-jee-an tswoh-shr)
对不起, 我做了一件错事

Excuse me, I think you made a mistake
Duibuqi, ni zuo-le yijian cuoshi (dway-boo-chee, nee zwoh-ler ee-jee-an tswoh-shr)
对不起, 你做了一件错事

He made a mistake
ta zuo-le yijian cuoshi (tah zwoh-ler ee-jee-an tswoh-shr)

That is not a mistake
Neige bu shi cuoshi (nay-guh boo shr tswoh-shr)

It is (there is) a big mistake!
You da cuoshi! (you dah tswoh-shr)

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Sue Wright (N. Orleans, US)

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