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Money in Chinese - Qian

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Money Qian (Chee-an) 钱

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  Money Qian (Chee-an) 钱

Chinese currency

Renminbi (wren-meen-bee) 人民币

US Dollars

Mei yuan (May ywahn) 美元

Hong Kong Dollars

Gang bi (Gahng bee) 港币

Australian Dollars

Aodaliya yuan (Ah-aw-dah-lee-yah-ywen) 奥大利亚元

Canadian Dollars

Jiabi (Jee-ah-bee) 加币

English Pounds

Ying bang (Yeeng bahng) 英镑

Japanese Yen

Ri yuan (Ree ywahn) 日元

Travelers’ checks

Luxing zhipiao (lwee-sheeng jr-pee-ow) 旅行支票

Credit Cards

Xinyong ka (sheen-yohng kah) 信用卡


Xiankuan (shee-an-kwahn) 现款


Where can I exchange money?
Nali keyi duihuan qian? (Nah-lee ker-yee dway-hwahn chee-an) 那里可以兑换钱?

What is today’s exchange rate for US dollars?
Jintian Mei yuan duihuan lu duoshao? (Jeen-tee-an May ywahn dway-hwahn lwee dwoh shou) 今天美元兑换率多少?

Can you write it down?
Ni neng xiexia-lai ma? (Nee nung shay-she-ah lie mah) 你能写下来吗?


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