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Need in Chinese - Xuyao

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Need Xuyao (She-yee-ow) 需要

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  Need Xuyao (She-yee-ow) 需要

I need some aspirin
Wo xuyao asipilin (woh she-yee-ow ahs-pee-leen) 我需要阿司匹林

I need some foot powder
Wo xuyao jiao zhi fen (woh she-yee-ow jee-ow chee fern) 我需要脚趾粉

I need some shampoo
Wo xuyao xifaji (woh shee-yee-ow see-fa-jee) 我需要洗发剂

I need some razor blades
Wo xuyao guahu dao (woh shee-yee-ow gwah-hoo dow) 我需要刮胡刀

I need some eyedrops
Wo xuyao yanyao shui (woh shee-yee-ow yahn-yee-ow shway) 我需要眼药水

I need an umbrella
Wo xuyao yushan (woh shee-yee-ow yuh sahn) 我需要雨伞

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