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Peking Duck in Chinese - Beijing Kaoya

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Peking Duck Beijing Kaoya (Bay-jeeng Kow-yah) 北京烤鸭

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  Peking Duck Beijing Kaoya (Bay-jeeng Kow-yah) 北京烤鸭

I’d like to have Peking Duck
Wo yao chi Beijing Kaoya  (woh yee-ow chr Bay-jeeng Kow-yah) 我要吃北京烤鸭

I want to go to a Beijing Duck Restaurant
Wo xiang qu yige Beijing Kaoya guan (woh she-ahng chwee ee-guh Bay-jeeng Kow-yah gwahn) 我想去一个北京烤鸭馆

Is it very expensive?
Hen gui ma? (hern gwee mah) 很贵吗?

I’d like to make reservations for dinner this evening
Wo yao ding jintian de wanfan (woh yee-ow deeng jeen-tee-an der wahn-fahn)

There will be three of us
Wo-men you san wei (woh-mern you sahn way) 我们有三位

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