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Peking (Beijing) Opera Jing Ju (Jeeng Jwee) 京剧

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  Peking (Beijing) Opera Jing Ju (Jeeng Jwee) 京剧

I want to go to Beijing Opera
Wo yao qu kan Jing Ju (woh yee-ow chwee Jeeng Jwee)

What is on tonight?
Jintian wanshang shenme jiemu? (Jeen-tee-an wahn-shahng shern-mo jeh-moo)

What is the name/title (of the play)?
Jiao shenme mingzi? (jow shern-mo meeng-dzu)

What time will it begin?
Shenme shihou kaishi? (shern-mo shr-hoe kigh-shr)

Are the performers famous?
Yanyuan chuming ma? (yahn-ywahn choo-meeng mah)

How long will it last?
Yan duochang shijian? (yahn dwoh-chahng shr-jee-an)


Where can I buy tickets?
Zai nali keyi mai-dao piao? (zigh nah-lee ker-ee my-dow pee-ow)

Is it necessary to buy tickets in advance?
Yiding yao tiqian mai piao ma? (Ee-deeng yee-ow tee-chee-an my pee-ow mah)

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