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Practice Chinese with a conversational partner if you are a student just finishing your language classes, or if you need to complement your weekly lessons.

The biggest problem you will have after learning Mandarin Chinese is that you will start to forget it almost immediately once your course is over. It is normal, without practice, most people slowly start to forget everything they learnt. Conversational skills are often the first to go.

Fortunately, the solution is actually quite simple. All you need to do is have a conversational practice in Chinese, once or twice a week. And if you are currently taking Mandarin Chinese lessons, your learning speed will definitely accelerate once you add one or two conversation sessions to your weekly classes. LingWorld has the answer. With only Skype and a webcam, you can speak Chinese with a native speaker, at very affordable rates.

With LingWorld, you are able to connect you with a lot of native Chinese language speakers. Who is better to have a conversation in Chinese with than someone who has spoken it all of their life? Additionally, LingWorld allows you to do this from the comfort of your own home. All you need is Skype and a webcam.

On top of that, LingWorld offers a conversational partner at some of the most affordable rates anywhere and you can set up the conversation sessions for whatever time best fits your schedule. You remember the common phrase, "Use it or lose it"? Don't lose it!

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Chinese (Mandarin) Teacher

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Chinese (Mandarin) Student
United States

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English Teacher
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Sue Wright (N. Orleans, US)

Learning Chinese language online was surprisingly efficient! I am still a beginner but what I learnt made my trip to China so much more enjoyable...

Brian Scott (Boulder, US)

It is so good to have a real language teacher on the other side of the webcam; I tried all these free interactive programs but you really need someone to

Misuki Asano (Osaka, Japan)

I can practice my English with my conversation partner here. I still take my English class in Japan, but I get extra hours on Lingworld and much cheaper.