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Rent in Chinese - Zu

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Rent Zu (joo) 租

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  Rent Zu (joo) 租

I want to rent a car
Wo yao zu yi liang che (woh yow joo ee-lee-ahng cher)


What is the rate per day?
Meitian zu jin duoshao? (may-tee-an joo jeen dwoh-shuo)

How do you charge for extra mileage?
Chaochu de licheng zenme suan? (chow-choo der lee-cherng zern-mo swahn)

Does the price include gasoline?
Jiaqian baokuo qiyou fei ma? (jah-chee-an bow-kwoh chee-you fay mah)

I want an American car
Wo xiang yao yiliang Meiguo che (woh shee-ahng yee-ow ee-lee-ahng May-gwoh cher)

How many kilometers are included in the basic fee?
Meitian jiben de gonglishu shi duoshao?
(may-tee-an jee-bern der gohng-lee-shoo shr dwoh-shou)

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