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Room Service in Chinese - Kefang yongcan fuwubu

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Room Service Kefang yongcan fuwubu (ker-fahng yohng-tsahn foo woo boo) 客房用餐服务部

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  Room Service Kefang yongcan fuwubu (ker-fahng yohng-tsahn foo woo boo) 客房用餐服务部

I would like to order breakfast
Wo xiang dinggou zaocan (woh she-ahng deeng-gow dzow-tsahn) 我想订购早餐

Do you serve (have) Western food?
You xi can ma? (you she tsahn mah) 有西餐吗?

Do you have Japanese food?
You ribem liao-li ma? (you ree-bern lee-ow-lee mah) 有日本料理吗?

Please bring me some scrambled eggs and toast
Qing na chao jidan he kao mianbao gei wo (cheeng nah chow jee-dahn her kow mee-an-bow gay woh) 请拿炒鸡蛋和烤面包给我


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