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Sorry / Excuse Me in Chinese - Me baoqian

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Sorry / Excuse Me baoqian (bow-chee-an) 抱歉

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  Sorry / Excuse Me baoqian (bow-chee-an) 抱歉

I’m sorry, I apologize
Duibuqi (Dway-boo-chee) 对不起

I’m very sorry
Wo hen baoqian  (Woh hern bow-chee-an) 我很抱歉

Excuse me (to get attention, make way)
Lao jia (Lao jah) 劳驾

Excuse me… (may I trouble you)
Mafan ni … (Ma-fahn nee…) 麻烦你

Excuse me… (may I ask you a question)
Qing wen… (Cheeng wern…) 请问

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