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Speak Shuo (Shwo) 说

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  Speak Shuo (Shwo) 说

Do you speak English?
Ni hui shuo Yingwen ma? (Nee hway shwo Eeng-wern mah?) 你会说英文吗?

I don’t speak Chinese
Wo bu hui Zhongwen (Woh boo hway Johng-wern)  我不会中文

I speak a little Chinese
Hui yidian Zhongwen (Hway ee-dee-an Johng-wern) 会一点中文

What did you say?
Ni shuo shenme? (Nee shwo shern-mo) 你说什么?

Please repeat that?
Qing ni zai shuo yibian? (Cheeng nee dzie shwo ee bee-an) 请你再说一遍?

What did he say?
Ta shuo shenme? (Tah shwo shern-mo) 他说什么?

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Sue Wright (N. Orleans, US)

Learning Chinese language online was surprisingly efficient! I am still a beginner but what I learnt made my trip to China so much more enjoyable...

Brian Scott (Boulder, US)

It is so good to have a real language teacher on the other side of the webcam; I tried all these free interactive programs but you really need someone to

Misuki Asano (Osaka, Japan)

I can practice my English with my conversation partner here. I still take my English class in Japan, but I get extra hours on Lingworld and much cheaper.