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Taxi in Chinese - Chuzuqiche

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Taxi Chuzuqiche (Choo-joo-chee-cher) 出租汽车

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  Taxi Chuzuqiche (Choo-joo-chee-cher) 出租汽车

Taxi stand

Chuzuqiche zhan (choo joo chee-cher jahn) 出租汽车


Piaojia (pee-ow-jah) 票价

Where can I get a taxi?
Nali you chuzu qiche? (nah-lee you choo-joo chee-cher) 哪里有出租汽车?

Is there a taxi stand near here?
Zhe fujin you chuzu qiche zhan ma? (Jur-foo-jeen yow choo-joo chee-cher jahn mah) 这附近有出租汽车站吗?

I want to go to _____
Wo yao qu ____ (Woh yow chwee ___) 我要去­­­____

Please take me to ____
Qing song wo dao ____ (Cheeng sohng woh dow ____) 请送我到_____

Please take me to the airport
Qing dai wo dao feiji chang (Cheeng die woh dow fay-jee chahng) 请带我到飞机场

The airport, please
Qing qu jichang (Cheeng chwee jee-chahng) 请去机场

I’m in a hurry
Wo gan shijian (woh gahn shr-jee-an) 我赶时间

How long will it take to get to the airport?
Dao jichang yao duoshao shijian? (Dow jee-chahng yow dwoh-shou shr-jee-an) 到机场要多少时间?

Please take me to my hotel
Qing dai wo dao wo-de luguan (Cheeng die woh dow woh-der lwee gwahn) 请带我到我的旅馆

Please pick me at _____
Qing dao ____jie wo (Cheeng dow ____ jee-eh woh) 请到______接我

Please come back at _____
Qing ___ hui lai (Cheeng _____ hwee lie) 请_____ 回来

Please take me to this address
Qing dai wo dao zhe-ge dizhi (Cheeng die woh dow jay-guh dee-jr) 请带我到这个地址

Please go to Tiananmen Square
Qing qu Tiananmen Guang Chang (Cheeng chwee Tee-an-ahn-mern Gwahng Chahng) 请去天安门广场

Can you wait for me?
Ni neng deng wo ma? (Nee nerng derng woh mah) 你能等我吗?

Please wait for me?
Qing ni deng yi deng (Cheeng nee derng ee derng) 请你等一等


How much do I owe you?
Gai fu duoshao qian? (Guy foo dwoh-shou chee-an) 该付多少钱?

How much?

Duo shao qian? (Dwoh shou chee-an)多少钱?


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