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Telephone in Chinese - Dian hua

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Telephone Dian hua (dee-an hwah) 电话

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  Telephone Dian hua (dee-an hwah) 电话

Local call

Bendi dianhua (bern-dee dee-an-hwah)


Long-distance call

Changtu dianhua (chahng-too dee-an-hwah)


International call

Guoji dianhua (gwoh-jee dee-an-hwah)


Public telephone

Gongyong dianhua (gohng-yohng dee-an-hwah)


I want to make a phone call
Wo xiang da dianhua (woh she-ahng dah dee-an-hwah) 我想打电话

I want to make an international call
Wo xiang da guoji dianhua (woh she-ahng dah gwoh-jee dee-an-hwah) 我想打国际电话

I want to call long-distance
Wo xiang da changtu (woh she-ahng dah chahng-too) 我想打长途

May I use your phone?
Wo keyi yong ni de dianhua ma? (woh ker-ee yohng nee der dee-an-hwah mah)

A collect call, please
Duifang fukuan (dway-fahng foo-kwahn) 对方付款

What is your telephone number?
Ni de dianhua haoma shi? (nee der dee-an-hwah how-mah shr) 你的电话号码是?

My telephone number is____
Wo de dianhua haoma shi____ (woh der dee-an-hwah how-mah shr___)

I want to send a fax
Xiang da chuan zhen (she-ahng dah chwan zhern) 想打传真

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