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Train Huoche (Hwoh-cher) 火车

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  Train Huoche (Hwoh-cher) 火车

China National Railways

Zhongguo Tielu (Johng-gwoh tee-eh-loo) 中国铁路

Train station

Huoche zhan (hwoh-che jahn) 火车站

Local (ordinary) train

Putong che (poo-tohng cher) 普通车

Express train

Kuai che (kwie-cher) 快车

Slow train

Man che (mahn-cher) 慢车


Piao (pee-ow) 票

Train ticket

Che piao (cher-pee-ow) 车票

Ticket office

Shou piao chu (show pee-ow choo) 售票处

One-way ticket

Dan cheng piao (dahn cherng pee-ow) 单程票

Round-trip ticket

Laihui piao (lie-hway pee-ow) 来回票

First-class ticket

Tou-deng piao (toe-derng pee-ow) 头等票

Economy-class ticket

Putong piao (poo-tohng pee-ow) 普通票

soft-class (ticket)

Ruan zuo (rwahn zwoh) 软座

Hard-class (ticket)

Ying zuo (yeeng zwoh) 硬座


Ruan wo pu (rwahn woh poo) 软卧铺


Ying wo pu (yeeng woh poo) 硬卧铺


Chexiang (cher-she-arng) 车厢

Reserved seat ticket

Yuding zuowei piao (yuu-deeng zwoh-way pee-ow) 预定坐位票

Unreserved seat ticket

Wu yuding zuowei piao (woo yuu-deeng zwoh-way pee-ow) 无预定坐位票


Chefei (cher-fay) 车费

Boarding platform

Yuetai (yuu-eh-tie) 月台

Dining car

Can che (tsan-cher) 餐车


Dao/huan (dow/hwahn) 倒/ 换

Get on (board)

Shangche (shahng-cher) 上车

Get off (disembark)

Xia/shangche (she-ah / shahng-cher) 下上车

Where is the train station?
Che zhan zai nail?  (Cher jahn zigh nah-lee) 车站在那里?

Where is the ticket office?
Nali shi shou piao chu? (Nah-lee shr show pee-ow choo) 那里是售票处?

I want to go to _____
Wo yao qu _____ (woh yow chwee _____) 我要去______

What is the track number?
Ji how huoche? (jee how hwoh-cher) 几号火车?

What is the track number for Beijing?
Qu Beijing zai ji hao tai? (chwee Beijing zigh jee how tie) 去北京在几号台?

How do I get to the train station?
Dao huoche zhan zenme zou? (dow hwoh-cher jahn zern-mo dzow) 到火车站怎么走?

Please take me to the train station
Qing dai wo dao huoche zhan (Cheeng die woh dow hwoh-cher jahn) 请带我到火车站

Do you have a railway timetable, please?
Qing gei wo yige huoche shikebiao? (Cheeng gay woh ee-guh hwoh-cher shr-ker-beow) 请给我一个火车时刻表?

When does the train leave for Shanghai?
Qu Shanghai de huoche ji dian kai? (Chwee Shang-hai der hwoh-cher jee dee-an kigh) 去上海的火车几点开?

Where do I buy a ticket?
Piao zai nar mai? (Pee-ow dzigh nah-urr my) 票在哪买?

Do I have to transfer anywhere?

Wo jiang zai nail huanche? (woh jee-ahng zigh nah-lee hwan-cher) 我将在那里换车?
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