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Walk / Stroll in Chinese - Zou / Sanbu

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Walk / Stroll Zou (dzow) 走 / Sanbu (Sahn-boo) 散步

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  Walk / Zou (dzow) 走 / Sanbu (Sahn-boo) 散步

Let’s go for a stroll
Wo men qu sanbu  (woh-mern chwee sahn-boo) 我们去散步

I prefer to walk
Wo xihuan zou-lu (woh she-hwahn dzow-loo) 我喜欢走路

Is it too far to walk?
Zou lu qu tai yuan le ma?  (Dzow loo chwee tie ywahn-ler mah) 走路去太远了吗?

Can I walk there from the hotel?
Wo neng cong luguan zou qu ma? (woh nerng tsohng lwee-gwahn dzow chwee mah) 我能从旅馆走去吗?

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