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Weather in Chinese - Tianqi

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Weather Tianqi (Tee-an-chee) 天气

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  Weather Tianqi (Tee-an-chee) 天气


Wendu (wern-doo)


Weather forecast

Tianqi yubao (tee-an-chee yuu-bow)


How is the weather today?
Jintian tianqi zenmeyang? (Jeen-tee-an tee-an-chee zen-mo-yahng)


What is the temperature?
Wendu you duoshao? (wern-doo you dwoh-shou)

Its cold!
Man leng de! (Mahn lerng der) 蛮冷的!

Its hot!
Man re de! (Mahn ruh der) 蛮热的!

It’s sunny
You taiyang (You tie-yahng) 有太阳

It’s bad
Bu hao (Boo how) 不好

It’s windy
You feng (you ferng) 有风

It’s windy!
Feng da! (ferng dah) 风大!

It’s raining
Xia yu le (shee-ah yuu ler) 下雨了

It’s snowing
Xia xue le (shee-ah she-eh luh) 下雪了


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