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What? in Chinese - Shenme?

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What? Shenme? (Shern-mo) 什么?

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  What? Shenme? (Shern-mo) 什么?

What is this called in Chinese?
Zheige Zhongwen jiao shenme? (Jay-guh Johng-wern jow shern-mo) 这个中文叫什么?

What is that called?
Na ge jiao shenme? (Nah guh jee-ow shern-mo) 那个叫什么?

What time is breakfast?
Jidian chi zaofan? (Jee-dee-an chr zow-fahn) 几点吃早饭?

What time is lunch?
Jidian chi wufan? (Jee-dee-an chr woo-fahn) 几点吃午饭?

What is your address?
Ni-de dizhi? (Nee-der dee-jr) 你的地址

What is this street?
Zhe shi na tiao jie? (Jur shr nay-tee-ow jeh) 这是哪条街?

What is that?
Na shi shenme? (Nah shr shern-mo) 那是 什么?

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Sue Wright (N. Orleans, US)

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