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When? in Chinese - Shenme shihou?

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When? Shenme shihou? (Shern-mo shr-hoe) 什么时候?

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  When? Shenme shihou? (Shern-mo shr-hoe) 什么时候?

When are we going?
Wo men shenme shihou qu? (Woh-mern shern-mo shr-hoe chwee) 我们什么时候去?

When will you be finished?
Ni shenme shihou hui hao? (Nee shern-mo shr-hoe hway how) 你什么时候会好?

When does it begin?
Shenme shihou kaishi? (Shern-mo shr-hoe kigh-shr) 什么时候开始?

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Sue Wright (N. Orleans, US)

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