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Where? in Chinese - Nali?

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Where? Nali? (Nah-lee) 那里?/ Nar? (Nah-urr) 那儿?

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  Where? Nali? (Nah-lee) 那里?/ Nar? (Nah-urr) 那儿?

Where is _____?
_____zai na? (______ zigh nah-urr) ______ 在那?

Where is it?
Ta zai nail? (Tah zigh nah-lee) 它在那里?

Where are you from?
Ni shi cong na lai-de? (Nee shr tsohng nah-urr lie der) 你是从那来的?

Where do you want to go?
Ni xiang qu nail? (Nee she-ahng chwee nah-lee) 你想去那里?

Where are we going?
Wo men yao qu nail? (Woh-mern yow chwee nah-lee) 我们要去那里?


Where is my friend?
Wo de pengyou zai nail? (Who-der perng-you zigh nah-lee) 我的朋友在那里?

Where is the bus stop?
Che zhan zai nail? (Cher jahn zigh nah-lee) 车站在那里?

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