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You in Chinese - Ni

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You Ni (Nee) 你

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  You Ni (Nee) 你

Are you Chinese?
Ni shi Zhongguoren ma? (Nee shr Johng-gwoh wren mah)

Are you Japanese?
Ni shi Ribenren ma? (Nee shr Ree-bern-wren mah)

Do you live here?
Ni zhu zai zhe-ge difang ma? (Nee joo dzigh jay-guh dee-fahng mah)

Are you married?
Ni jiehun-le ma? (Nee jay-hoon-ler mah)


Do you have children?
Ni you haizi-le ma? (Nee you high-dzu-ler mah)
*The “you” (ni) is generally left out of sentences when it is understood from the context.

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