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Creating a Second Student Profile

When?  You will create a second student profile when you want to learn/practice a second foreign language on Lingworld.

Why?  The second profile will inform the Lingworld teachers/conversation partners about your requirements, level and experience about the second language you would like to learn/practice.

To setup a second student profile,

1. Click Student in the My Profile section of the navigation pane.

Your existing Student profile opens.

2. Click the Create another button in the bottom right corner of the screen.  The Create Profile screen opens.  Fill out the fields as accurately as possible.  The fields are described in detail below.

You want to learn: 

Choose the language you want to learn from the dropdown list. Choices include:  Chinese (Mandarin), English, French, Japanese and Spanish.

Languages spoken: 

So that we can better match you with an instructor, check the boxes next to the languages that you currently speak. Choices include:  Chinese (Mandarin), Spanish, English, Portuguese, Arabic, Hindi, Russian, Japanese, German, Vietnamese, Korean, Tamil, French, Chinese (Cantonese), Malay, and Thai.  If your native language is not listed, choose Other.


Choose your level of competency for the language you would like to learn.  Level is available for Chinese (Mandarin), English and French.  Level is not available for Japanese and Spanish.  The levels available are:  Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, High School and University.

Your Profile Photo: 

You can add a photo of yourself to your profile.  This will make it easier for other users to identify you on the site.  To upload a picture of yourself to the site from your computer,

1. Click the Browse button in the Upload Photo section of the screen.

2. Browse to the location of your photo.

3. Click Open.  The selected photo is uploaded to your profile.

Tuition Type (Optional): 

There are several types of tuition to choose from.  Choose the tuition type that best matches the type of help you are looking for.  Options include Master Class, Conversation Partner, Specific Language Skills, School Help and TranslationNote:  TuitionTypes vary by language and are not available for Spanish and Japanese.

Tell teachers more about you!: 

Type any information you would like the teachers on this site to know about you.  This space can be used to include any information which will help the teachers on the site tailor their teaching to your needs.  This can be anything including learning disabilities, grade level, availability and any other general information.

Email Notifications: 

Click the Email Notifications heading to view the Notify me when there is a new teacher that matches my criteria checkbox.  Check this checkbox if you would like to be emailed when a new teacher matching your criteria joins  Leave the checkbox unchecked if you don’t want to be notified.

Availability (in your timezone) (Optional): 

Click the Availability heading to view the availability matrix.  To add a timeslot, choose the day for the slot in the Weekday dropdown.  Next, choose the start time for your availability from the Start Time dropdown, and the end time for your availability from the End Time dropdown.  Click the Add Timeslot button to add the timeslot to the Availability matrix.  All times are local to your timezone.

3. Once you have completed your Student profile, it should look similar to this.

4. Click the Create Profile button to create your second Student profile.

Your second Student profile is complete.  To view both profiles, click Student in the My Profile section of the navigation pane.  Both Student profiles display.

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