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Searching for a Teacher

When? After you have setup your Student profile.

Why? Lingworld does not automatically assign you a teacher/conversation partner. You have to search for one to teach you or practice with you.

This gives you full choice on who you are comfortable to learn/practice with, as opposed to imposing you a teacher/conversation partner.

Once you’ve setup your General and Student profiles, you will need to search for a teacher. 

Lingworld does not assign you a language teacher/conversation partner; it lets you choose one.

This guide outlines searching for a teacher on the website.

To search for a teacher,

1. Login to the website.  Click Search Teacher in the Search section of the navigation pane on the left.

The Search Teacher screen opens.

2. Fill out the fields on the Search Teacher screen as accurately as possible.  Alternately, click the Autofill with your profile info button to automatically enter the information from your profile in the Search Teacher fields.  The Search Teacher fields are described below.

You want to learn: 

Click the You want to learn dropdown and choose the language you would like to learn from the list.

Language spoken: 

Click the Language spoken dropdown and choose your native language from the list.


Check the checkbox next to your current level of learning for the language you would like to learn.  Choices include:  Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, High School, and University.  This information will help you find an appropriate teacher and help your teacher tailor lessons to your needs.

Tuition Type (Optional): 

Check the checkbox(es) next to the type(s) of language help you are looking for.  Choices vary by language selected, and Tuition Type is not available for Japanese and French languages.

Teacher Qualification: 

Check the checkbox next to the Teacher Qualification type you are looking for.  Teacher Qualifications vary by language selected.  If you do not require a qualified teacher, select None.

Availability (in your timezone): 

Click the Availability heading to view the availability matrix.  To add a timeslot, choose the day for the slot in the Weekday dropdown.  Next, choose the start time for your availability from the Start Time dropdown, and the end time for your availability from the End Time dropdown.  Click the Add Timeslot button to add the timeslot to the Availability matrix.  All times are local to your timezone.

3. Click the Other search criteria (Optional) dropdown.  The Other search criteria section opens.

4. Fill out the Other search criteria (Optional) fields as accurately as possible.  The Other search criteria (Optional) fields will help you find teachers better suited to your needs, by more advanced criteria.  The Other search criteria (Optional) fields are described below.


Type the teacher’s username in the Username field to find a teacher by their username.


Type the teacher’s email address in the Email field to find a teacher by their email address.

First Name: 

Type the teacher’s first name in the First Name field to find a teacher by their first name.

Last Name: 

Type the teacher’s last name in the Last Name field to find a teacher by their last name.


Check Male or Female to find teachers of the selected gender.  Checking Female finds only female teachers.  Checking Male finds only male teachers.


If you are looking for a teacher of a specific nationality, choose the desired nationality from the Nationality dropdown.

Native Language:  

If you are looking for a teacher speaking a specific native language choose the desired native language from the Native Language dropdown.


If you are looking for a teacher from a specific location, choose the desired location from the Location dropdown.

Academic Level: 

If you are looking for a teacher with a particular academic background, choose the academic level from the Academic Level dropdown.  Choices include:  Bachelors, Masters, PhD, O Levels, A Levels.

Education Country:  

If you are looking for a teacher that has attended teacher in a particular country, choose that country from the Education Country dropdown.


If you are looking for a teacher that has attended a particular school, type the name of the school in the School/University field.

Media for classes: 

Check the boxes next to the type of media you would like to use with your teacher for your classes.  Choices include:  Skype, MSN, Yahoo msgr, Phone, GoogleTalk, and OpenWengo.

5. Once you have completed the fields in the Search Teachers screen, click Search Teacher button.

  • If any teachers match your search criteria, they will display in the You Have Found screen.

The You have found screen displays information about each of the teachers meeting your search criteria.  The columns of the You have found screen are described below.


The Name column displays the teacher’s name.  The Name field also displays the country the teacher is from and the country they live in.  For example, Newt McPherson’s entry displays I am from United States, I live in United States.


The Teaching column displays the language that the teacher is available for teaching.  This entry should match the language you would like to learn.

Min Fee (USD): 

The Min Fee (USD) column displays the minimum the teacher will charge you for certain services in US dollars.

Max Fee (USD): 

The Max Fee (USD) column displays the maximum the teacher will charge you for certain services in US dollars.

A few words about me: 

The A few words about me column displays any information the teacher has included to provide additional information to prospective students.  This information can include education information, and information about any other languages the teacher knows.

Ping Me: 

The Ping Me column provides a way to contact the teacher about classes. This feature is discussed in the Contacting a Teacher guide.

  • If no teachers meet your search criteria, a No Results message displays.

    • Click the Search Again button to retry your search using modified criteria.

Next, you will need to contact a teacher matching your search results.  Contacting teachers is outlined in Contacting a Teacher guide.


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