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Having Both a Language Student and Teacher Profile

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Creating a Student and a Teacher Profile

When?  After you have setup a Student profile, you can create a Teacher profile. Also, after you have setup a Teacher profile, you can create a Student profile.

Why?  When you have a teacher profile and a student profile, you are both a teacher and a student! For example, you can use the Lingworld credits earned from teaching Mandarin for paying for English classes/conversations, and vice-versa.

This guide is about setting up a Teacher profile in addition to a Student profile that has previously been created.  For information about setting up a Student profile, see the Creating a Student Profile guide.

To setup a Teacher profile,

1. Click Add Teacher Profile in the Teach as well? section of the navigation pane.

2. The My Profile [Add Teacher Profile] screen opens.

3. Fill out the fields on the My Profile [Add Teacher Profile] screen as accurately as possible.  The My Profile [Add Teacher Profile] fields are described below.

You teach:  

Select the language you will be teaching from the You teach dropdown list. Choices include:  Chinese (Mandarin), English, French, Japanese and Spanish.

Hourly rate in USD: 

Type your hourly rate in US dollars in the Hourly rate in USD field.

Teacher Qualification:

Select your teaching qualifications from the Teacher Qualification dropdown box.  Choices vary according to the language you are teaching.


If you have a teaching qualification other than those listed in the Teacher Qualification dropdown, type it in the Other field.


Type the name of the school or university where you earned your teaching credentials in the School/University field.

Language spoken: 

Check the box(es) next to the language(s) you speak.  Choices include: Chinese, Spanish, English, Portuguese, Arabic, Hindi, Russian, Japanese, German, Vietnamese, Korean, Tamil, French, Chinese (Cantonese), Malay and Thai.  If you speak a language other than those listed, check Other.


Check the box(es) next to the level(s) you are available to teach.  Choices include: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, High School and University.

Upload Photo:  You can upload a separate photo to use with your Teacher profile.  To upload a picture from your computer,

1. Click the Browse button in the Upload Photo section of the screen.

2. Browse to the location of your photo.

3. Click Open.  The photo uploads to your profile.

Tuition Type (Optional): 

You can enter different fees for different types of classes.  Class types include:  Master Class, Conversation Partner, Specific language skills, School help and Translation work.  Type the desired amount for each type of class into the corresponding fields.

Tell us more about you!: 

Type any additional information you would like to share with users on this site.

Email Notifications: 

Check the Notify me when there is a new student that matches my criteria checkbox to receive an email when a student matching your criteria joins the site.

Availability (in your timezone) (Optional): 

Click the Availability heading to view the availability matrix.  To add a timeslot, choose the day for the slot in the Weekday dropdown.  Next, choose the start time for your availability from the Start Time dropdown, and the end time for your availability from the End Time dropdown.  Click the Add Timeslot button to add the timeslot to the Availability matrix.  All times are local to your timezone.

4. Once you are finished filling out the fields as accurately as possible, click the Create profile button.

Your Teacher profile is created and is accessible by clicking the Change to Teacher link in the Change Role section of the navigation pane.

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