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When? Registration is the very first step into your online language learning/practicingexperience with

Why? Interact with hundreds of people interested in teaching/learning/practicing foreign languages online.

You will need to register yourself on in order to see other member profiles, connect with them and book classes/conversation sessions.

To register,

1. From the homepage, click the Create Your Account. It’s Free! button in the top right area of the screen.

The Student or Teacher? screen opens.

2. Click the Student button.  The General Info – Student screen opens.

3. Fill out the General Info – Student screen as accurately as possible.  The
General Info – Student screen fields are described below.

Choose Username: Type a Username that you would like to appear under at

Password:  Type a password that you will use to access the website.

Retype Password:  Type the password you entered in the previous Password field.

First Name:  Type your real first name.

Last Name:  Type your real last name.

Email:  Type your real, working email address.  You will receive a registration confirmation email and link at this email address.

Retype Email:  Type the email address you entered in the previous Email field.

Learning:  Select the language you would like to learn from the dropdown box.  Choices include:Chinese (Mandarin), English, French, Japanese and Spanish.

Native Language:  Select your native language from the dropdown list.  If your native languageis not listed, choose other.

4. Once you have completed the fields, the screen will look similar to the screen displayed below.Click the Register button.

5. Open your email account that you used in the registration screen.

6. Open the email from  The email looks like this:

7. The validation message contains your Username and Password as well as a Click Here link to activate your account.  Click the Click Here link.  Your account is activated and the website opens, displaying a Welcome message.

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