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Toilet in Chinese - Cesuo

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Toilet Cesuo (tser-swoh) 厕所

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  Toilet Cesuo (tser-swoh) 厕所


Nan(nahn) 男


Nu (nwee) 女

Public Toilet

Gongong cesuo (gohng-gohng tser-swoh) 公共侧所


Where is the toilet please?
Qingwen, cesuo zai nar?  (Cheeng-wern, tser-swoh dzigh nah-urr) 请问,侧锁在哪儿?

Is there a public toilet near here?
Zhe fujin you gonggong cesuo ma? (Jur foo-jeen you gohng-gohng tser-swoh mah) 这附近有公共厕所吗?

I need to go to the toilet
Wo yao qu cesuo (Woh yee-ow chwee tser-swoh) 我要去侧所

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